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FTDA will provide consulting to meet the needs of the client.  Typically this consulting will include competitive, pricing, and market analyses, and the specific persons in government and/or industry with whom the client can partner.  FTDA typically sets up the meetings and may act as the client’s representative, if necessary.  FTDA often provides translation and consulting services during these meetings. 

As an additional benefit of using FTDA, FTDA will help the client understand the unique Italian culture, and will ensure that the client is prepared in conducting effective communications and interactions with individuals as well as bureaucracies.


A major goal of FTDA is to produce long-term networks and relationships to benefit Canadian and Italian businesses.  As part of this goal, FTDA conducts individually tailored networking & partnership trips to Italy.  The uniqueness of the FTDA method of networking and partnerships is that FTDA accomplishes these trips in small groups, and ensures that each individual client has targeted, specific partners and clients in Italy. FTDA carefully screens potential partners and clients, creates potential client lists, and sets up meetings between the FTDA client and Italian partners, businesses, and government agencies (as applicable).  Both the FTDA client and the potential Italian partner or client understands the probable business relationships that will be established, and the expected goal of the meetings.

A typical networking/partnership trip to Italy is eight days in length.  A schedule will include presentations by an FTDA representative concerning Italian travel and business, individual meetings concerning specific questions and preparations, the inclusion of at least one Italian business fair (including the ability to be an exhibitor, if desired), and meetings with at least two potential clients and/or  two potential partners. 

As of 2011, a typical eight-day trip, including transportation, hotels, fairs, meals, individual meetings with potential partners and clients, and FTDA representation, costs $4500 to $5500.